• Offering ongoing support and home care training, Proactive Care Consultants will train, support, and guide your home care business to success.

  • Our experience, resources, and proven processes are the most effective in the industry!

  • Our home care consultants understand what it takes to start and grow a reputable home care business from scratch.

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Working with Proactive Care Consulting will ensure your success no matter what stage you are at in beginning a home health care business. We promise that if you choose to partner with Proactive Care Consulting, your home health care enterprise will be accredited and licensed in your State.

Proactive Care Consulting is the most dependable home health care consulting firm to help you achieve that goal, whether you want to offer home care services for clients paying out of pocket or home health care services for clients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Managed Care, or the Veterans Administration.

The best part is that Proactive Care Consulting actually performs the work for you and offers everything you need to not only launch your home healthcare business but also run it for years to come. Everything they offer is tailored to your specific home healthcare business' needs.

Proactive Care Consulting only requires a single payment. We are home health care consultants, not a home health care franchise;  you own your home health care business with zero ongoing points, fees, or royalties due to Proactive Care Consulting. 

Why would you give a home health care consultant or franchise a portion of your potential profits from your home health care business? We are talking about a significant investment if you are beginning a home healthcare business.

For clients just like you, Proactive Care Consulting staff has been in business for about 10 years. In addition to assisting others, Proactive Care Consulting also started its own home healthcare companies, many of which it still owns and runs today, including home healthcare businesses in nationwide.

Home Care Policy and Procedure Manuals

This is critical. Policies and procedures for home health care vary, and they are not all created equal. Each state, Medicare, Medicaid, and other government programs have their own set of rules to follow. It is critical to separate each aspect. If your home health care rules and procedures aren't tailored to match these needs, you won't get very far. Please do not make a rookie mistake.

We ensure that your home health care policies and procedures will meet all of the state's standards for providing home health care services, as well as your state's Home Health Care License and Medicare or Private Duty Accreditation. Our Home Health Care Policies and Procedures are also thoroughly customized for your home health care agency, with all of your agency's specific and important information included. Our home health care policies and procedures documents are purchased by franchise organizations. 

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