Quality Assurance

The first five years of any business are challenging, and the long-term survival of a home health business is dependent on compliance with Home Health Care Standard of Excellency. It's easy to become comfortable once you've passed the initial accreditation criteria; however, it's critical to establish your agency as having an excellent quality assurance and performance record throughout the first several years. This foundation ensures the long-term viability of your company.

Trying to fulfill all of these standards while simultaneously growing your business can be difficult and time-consuming as a business owner. Maintaining your business while growing it will almost certainly necessitate ongoing assistance to make real and consistent change. That is why, at Proactive Care Consulting, we offer a  Performance Compliance Program that consists of an on-going consulting relationship to build independence for your agency. 

It is essential that your agency follows all of the policies and procedures that were provided to you during the licensing and accreditation process.